Transcending Barriers

Tech4Good@SKC received a grant in Fall 2017 to facilitate the development of the Flathead Watershed Transcending Barriers: Connecting Indigenous and Western Knowledge Consortium.

The National Center for Science and Civic Engagement (NCSCE) launched this initiative, funded by the Keck Foundation, to advance durable and equitable collaborations between indigenous communities and local educational organizations. The goal of this project is to provide engaging, inquiry-based learning opportunities around environmental and health challenges of immediate relevance and interest to indigenous youth and their communities, while transcending perceived conflicts between “traditional” and “western” knowledge.

Led by university/college/community consortiums in Hawaii and Alaska, other new regional leads include consortiums by:

The Flathead Watershed:
proposed focus for partnership connecting indigenous knowledge and western science.

with continued game design partners Native Teaching Aids and in partnership with:

to work with Salish Kootenai College students and area 8-12th graders to address annual community challenges, “Water is Life…”, “Community Health”, and “Climate Change”. Through game jams, mentorships, field trips, workshops, and a summer camp for native youth, we will use art, technology, games, and design to collaborate on solving meaningful community challenges.

These explorations will inform a variety of courses in Fish and Wildlife, Media Design, and other programs at the tribal college with the intention of creating civic engagement opportunities for students.


Further Reading: some great links offered by Bob Franco, partner-leader from Kapiolani College in Hawai’i

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