Welcome to Flathead Tech4Good!

Flathead Tech4Good is a community outreach and professional development initiative at Salish Kootenai College (SKC) in Pablo, Montana. Our vision is to build a community where each student is empowered to pursue their educational and professional goals.


 Native Tech Summer Camp 2018 – Now accepting applications

The 2018 Native Tech Summer Camp takes place the week of June 11 – 15 and is free to attend! Students will gain skills in design thinking, data collection and analysis, cyber security, programming, and media design.
In addition, students will have the opportunity to interact and work with Native professionals in the technology field! If you are a student of Native heritage entering 9th-12th grade next Fall and interested in attending camp, please fill out the form below to begin the registration process!


We are now accepting submissions for our Water is Treasure Scavenger Hunt


Follow the steps below to participate and represent your community! 

1) Create an accurate map of water near your home or school. This can be big or little – a pond, stream, river, or entire watershed.
2) Create a representation of the wonderful life that is supported by the water in your area through Art! Song! Movies! Games!
     Our annual challenge theme is “Water is Life” so get creative and show us the plants and animals that thrive at your water source of choosing.
3) Submit your Neighborhood Water Map and the life connected to it to Tech4Good@skc.edu
4) Create you own clue, riddle or puzzle that will lead a scavenger to the location you chose!
Deadline: June 8th, 2018